Most Common Types Of Motorcycles

Motorcycles have constantly been evolving from since the time that they were innovated. The first time of innovation, motorcycles were used to cruise through impassable terrains. These days’ times have changed and so are people’s ideas to eventually change the world to a more dynamic place to live in. Types of motorcycles that eventually exist today are more specialized and very dynamic with a totally varying speed compared to the Types of motorcycles that have undergone evolution over the years that have passed. For you to buy a motorcycle, you must have been driven by a motive.
To figure out if you are on the right mission to have yourself the best motorcycle, we will first start by ensuring that you understand their categories, pros and cons. This is the basis of a perspective of being new in the field of riding motorcycles. It is also best to know that this depends with manufacturer. There are manufacturers who have a reputation of always proving the best automobile product.

Types of motorcycles

There are many types of motorcycles, experienced riders are often the best to ask and seek advice from when you want to buy yourself a motorcycle. This will entirely depend on whatever it is that you want to do with it, if you are looking for a custom chopper with custom motorcycle wheels or just something to cruise, also the type of riding that you may want to have.

The best and known types include the following:

The Cruiser

Harley-Davidson - Sportster 883 LowThis type of motorcycle has been built specifically for facilitating relaxed rides. Just as the name suggest, it helps you cruise across borders in a stress-free and relaxed way with no strains. It has very low seats compared to other motorcycles which also make it to possess a low center of gravity. Its engine has been made to have power outputs of low revolutions per minute. They range from their prices to the types of engines. Their cons are not so many but one vital con is their low nature which means handling could be very tricky. Some of the known cruisers are the Harley-Davidson 883 sportster and the Honda Shadow. These types of motorcycles are often customized with custom motorcycle wheels, floorboards, handlebars, foot pegs and much more.


Type of scootersThese motorcycles were built majorly as an urban utility of transportation. Their pros are; most models have protection for weather and storage, they are also more affordable compared to other types of motorcycles, they have no gears and clutch to shift for change of speed and finally they have 50 to 90m mpg and this is based on the size of the motorcycle. Their cons are among others, the fact that they have smaller wheels, this can cause instability. They are also not the best kind of motorcycles to learn riding skills. Examples of the known scooters are the Suzuki Burgman 400, the Honda Metropolitan, the Piaggio X9 and the Yamaha Vino.



Just as their name sound, they are built specifically for sports and they have been improved for high speed and very skillful handling. They have light weight and also inexpensive, which means they can be easily afforded. They have several cons which include high insurance costs, demands skillful riding and they have high power rpm. Examples of Sportbike are the Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja and the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.


Honda 599This are meant to do everything. They offer a neutral sense of ergonomics for good control and comfort. They are the best motorcycles for training. Examples include the Honda 599 and the Suzuki S650.

Dual Sport

KTM640 AdventureThis type is meant for riding off and on the roads. They are of light weight and they are versatile. Their worst con is the fact that they have high seats. Example of a Dual Sport motorcycle is the KTM640 Adventure.


So if you are probably intending to buy for yourself a motorcycle, then these Types of motorcycles are definitely your point of reference. Be safe and enjoy the ride!